Last-minute information: Proactol Plus changes name to Proactol XS

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We Just be aware that the company Advanced Health Ltd, the famous manufacturer for slimming pillĀ proactol xs uk Proactol Plus decided to reformulate its product, starting by changing the name to XS instead of Pus, and have tweaked the active ingredient of the tablet for an even more effective.

Who already knows this blog knows we have in much good account Proactol not only because have good reputation in the market, but because our customers often send us great feedback for this product, as seen for example in this post on the old Proactol Plus.

Changes shall enter into force on July 1, 2014 not only in England but also in all other countries, since they will keep the policy of the product only sold in the manufacturer’s official website. What are the changes? Besides the redesigned product box, the new name is just one of the big changes.

Other changes that will come with Proactol XS are:

New active ingredient – Chitosan of non-animal origin, therefore suitable for vegetarians, a new official product website and prices that are more attractive. New policy of satisfaction guaranteed or money back of 30 days instead of 180 days in the old product.

This huge drop will be a great disappointment to most consumers; however, the new prices are also more competitive so you cannot have everything. However, it will still be better than most competitors, who generally have a policy of satisfaction or money back. This means a lot compared to the quality and reliability of the product.

Like its predecessor, XS Proactol is certified as a medical device (Class IIb) for weight loss. If you want to take advantage of the policy to 180 days of satisfaction or money back, enjoy the last days before the end of June to buy the old Proactol Plus, while stocks last, after reading our review of Proactol Plus. We will also have a review of the new Proactol XS, once it is officially released and obviously, we have some feedback from the new product.

After summarizing what changes with the new Proactol XS:

Well for consumers, does not change much, besides a new product image and an active ingredient even more powerful than the last one and the most competitive price, all the rest is handled by the company, which will soon have a new official site but will be a redirect from the old, so you can still visit the old site.


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